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  The archives accept  records and materials preserved by any organization and institution, social group, enterprise, and individual, who wishes to contribute them to the SHAC, after examination by specialists to assess their  value. The SHAC will take following measures to collect them:

  1. Purchase. The SHAC will buy them at full or half price.

  2. Donation. If owners wish to donate archival materials, the SHAC will hold a donation ceremony and issue a certificate of donation. Donators have priority in using the records they donated.

  3. Deposit. The depositors can deposit records in the SHAC free of charge, and continue to hold the proprietary rights. No organization or individual can access or publish the records without the depositors’ permission.

  4. Exchange. SHAC will exchange important records and materials with other archives and libraries.

  5. Replication. After agreement between the owners of records and materials and the SHAC, the SHAC will photo-copy, microfilm, or scan the materials,and store one of the copies in the Archives.