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    Since 1981, the First Historical Archives of China and the Second Historical Archives of China (SHAC) have jointly sponsored Historical Archives, which publishes archival materials from the Ming Dynasty through the Republican period, along with academic theses. Following suggestions by experts in the field, the Republican portion was published separately as Republican Archives, a journal solely sponsored by the SHAC beginning in 1985. As a quarterly periodical, Republican Archives aims to publish archival materials, to highlight scholarship on Republican history and to provide a bridge between the two. It is produced for scholars, archivists, professionals and amateurs studying the modern history of China, and for researchers interested in such areas as local records or the history of democracy in China.


    Republican Archives includes archival materials, private files, oral history, materials translated from foreign languages, jottings on archives, articles differentiating and analysing historical facts, studies on Republican history, and developments in Republican history studies. We welcome contributions on all aspects of Republican period records and materials.

    Since its first issue in 1985, Republican Archives has published totally more than eighty-million-words archival materials, from domestic and overseas archives, personal records and memoirs. It also has published theses for approximate 85 million words till now. Republican Archives is rated as one of the national historical key periodicals in China and becomes a collection source for CSSCI, Chinese Science Periodical etc. Its articles are frequently extracted and quoted by the press, writings and other publications.

    Readers can subscribe through the postal service. The periodical’s serial number is CN32-1012/G2; domestic code of postal delivery is 28-127. Subscription rates are RMB ¥10 per issue, or ¥60 for the annual bound volume. Subscribers can also remit money directly to the Editorial Department of Republican Archives. The postal address is 309 Zhongshan East Road, Nanjing Jiangsu, 210016 CHINA.

    Please contact with us by E-mail:esg@shac.net.cn