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Republican Archives (Sponsored by the SHAC, One of National Key Chinese Periodicals) 

    Republican Archives was begun by the SHAC in 1985. It is a sole national periodical for publishing Republican period records and materials and theses in China.

    The purposes of Republican Archives are to publish archival materials, significant studies in Republican history  to bridge the archival materials and history studies.

    Republican Archives consists of archival materials, private materials, oral history, translations of materials in foreign languages, and jottings on archives. It also contains analyses of historical facts and event, Republican history studies, developments in Republican history studies domestic and abroad.

    The size format of Republican Archives is 16 mo international standard, with 144 pages. If  domestic readers  wish to subscribe to Republican Archives, they can do so through the postal office, postal number 28---127. Readers abroad and readers in Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan can do so through China International Book Trading Corp. (Beijing, PO Box 399), code name: Q798, ISSN 1000---4491/CN32/G2.

   Subscribers can also write directly to the Editorial Department of Republican Archives.

Chief Editor:

Cao Bihong

Deputy Chief Editor:

Qi Rugao


Yang Yun


309 Zhangshan E.Road,Nanjing Jiangsu 210016 CHINA





Subscription Prices(domestic):

CNY 10 (per issue) CNY 40(per year)