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(I) Republican Archives 


·  Bound Volumes 


    1985--1986(1 vol.)(hardback)  Price: CNY 45/vol. 


    1987--1990,1992(6 vols.)(hardback)  Price: CNY 36/vol. 


    (If you wish to buy 1991 bound volume, the price is subject to negotiation) 


    1993--1999(7 vols.)(hardback)  Price: CNY 45/vol 

·  Per Issue 


    1985--1999  Price: CNY 6/issue 


    First issue  Price: CNY 10/issue 


(II) Books 


    1. Confidential Archival Materials Concerning the Sino-German Relationship(1927---1947) (paperback) CNY 36/vol.


    2. Archival Materials Concerning the February 28th Incident (1947) in Taiwan (I , II ) (paperback) CNY 38/per set


    3. Friend or Enemy? ------Germany and the Chinese Resistance Against Japan(paperback) CNY 24/vol.


    4. History of the Imperial Bank of China (paperback) CNY48/vol. 


    5. The History of Foreign Loans of the Republic of China( 12 vols.) (paperback) CNY360/per set 


    6. A Collection of Materials on the History of the Bank of China( 3vol.) (hardback ) CNY 70/vol CNY 210/per set 


    7. Proceedings of the Symposium on Republican Archives and History (paperback) CNY 48/vol. 


    8. Selected Papers of the Conference on Republican Archives and History (paperback) CNY 30/vol. 


    9. Index of Main Contents of Republican Archives (paperback) CNY 30/vol. 


    10. The 1911 Revolution and China's Modernization  (paperback ) CNY 30/vol.