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I.   In accordance with the relevant provisions of <Archives Law of the People’s Republic of China> and its implementing measures, the archival data stored in the Archival will be open to the society.

II.  Chinese citizens and outlanders applying for consulting the files in the Archives should process the application procedure with their legal and valid identity document, fill in the application form, and explain their purpose and could refer to those opened archival data, after the application is approved.

III.  Only the duplicates would be provided, if the archival data are already duplicated (microfilm, disc and copies).

IV.   The Archives would provide the archival consultants appropriate facilities and relevant service. The archival consultants please abide by all provisions of the reading rooms.

V.    The paid services are implemented in the Archives. The payment would be charged in accordance with the standards approved by Price Bureau of Jiangsu Province.

VI.    When the opening requirements are satisfied for books and journals published in the period of the Republic of China, theconsulting methods are regarded as same as those for the archival data.

VII.   The archival data extracted and copied by the file consultants are only used for research, references or quotation in their writings and must not be promulgated, transferred or published by the whole text in any form without permission.