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  The SHAC preserves valuable historical records, including paper records, photos, films, seals, and medals,  created by the central governments, non-government organizations,institutions,and individuals during the January, 1912----September, 1949 Republican period.

  The following records and materials will be in the range of collection by the SHAC:

  1. Records and materials created by and concerning the Tong meng hui, or Revolutionary Alliance, Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s early revolutionary activities, the Nanjing Provisional Government, the Generalissimo’s Headquarters of the Army and Navy, and the Guangzhou and Wuhan National Governments during the Republican period.

  2. Records and materials created by and concerning political parties and groups, social societies and associations, cultural organizations, research institutions, relief and aid organizations, industrial and commercial enterprises, and self-government organization during the Republican period.

  3. Records and materials reflecting major events, and  personal papers of famous figures during the Republican period.

  4. Records  and materials  regarding  social changes, the development of  the economy, sports,   culture,  education, religion, etiquettes and customs, local conditions, and customs house during the Republican period.

  5. Records and materials created by and concerning foreign organizations and institutions, and foreign people’s activities in China during the Republican period.

  6. Records and materials reflecting the Japanese Army’s invasion and atrocities  during the War of Resistance Against Japanese War.

  7. Records and materials created by and concerning puppet regimes supported and established by the Japanese such as the Provisional Government of the Republic of China, the so-called "Reformed" Government, the North China Political Council, Manchukuo, and the Wang Jingwei National Government.

  8. Records and materials created by and concerning Chinese organizations and institutions in foreign countries, and overseas Chinese during the Republican period.

  9. Records and materials reflecting activities of Chinese minority nationalities during the Republican period.

  10. Any other records and materials generated during the Republican period.