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Dear visitors,

    Welcome to the website of the Second Historical Archives of China (SHAC).

    China’s long history is deeply ingrained in the ancient city of Nanjing. In the Zhongshan Gate, an archaistic complex stands above the ruins on the west of the Imperial Palace of Ming Dynasty. Here is the SHAC. As one of the national archives of China, the SHAC features a collection of the original records of all the central regimes and their subordinate organs during the Republican Era of China (1912-1949).

    Since the SHAC was established over 60 years ago, several generations of archivists have adhered to the admirable tradition of the Chinese nation, faithfully carried out our duty of managing the archives on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party and guarding the history on behalf of the People’s Republic of China. We have put together an exclusive collection and made it available for scientific use. All these efforts have made the archives of the Republican Era an important center for serving the nation and society, and act as a cultural bridge across the Taiwan Strait.

    In the new era, we will, as always, respond to the technological challenges of our time and establish a digital archives, trying our best to preserve and exploit the historical and cultural heritage, and make the archives play a unique part in modernization and reunification of our motherland.

    We wish to share the information of the archives with you, joining hands to make a contribution to making China powerful and strong and promote the development of human life.

    We express our gratitude for your concern and support.


The curator of the Second Historical Archives of China

Zhai Yuxia